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August 11, 2019

Writing–sometimes it comes easily, sometimes not so much. Lately it’s been in the “not so much” category. Where do the words come from? Where do they go? When I’m in the writing mood it feels like they’re waiting somewhere in my brain as they generally just spring forth without a lot of work involved. Thoughts that are there which I’m willing to share.

It’s not that I’m not willing to share these days, I just don’t have much to share. So what causes thoughts to spring forth? Is it thinking going on in the background of my brain, thoughts which are triggered by other thoughts or just something original? Depending on where and how these spring forth is it something I can control at all? Do I just power through and write whether there is something there or not? I think so. And probably helping myself do this by creating lists of possible things to write on that I review on occasion to ponder them a bit more before venturing forth.

Given I’m 61 and have lived a third of my life in Madagascar, there are most certainly things I can be writing about. Here’s to finding and sharing them!

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  1. Next time I have a writing workshop…you should come! I love that you have written so much and hope you’ll write more. ~ jules

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