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a bit about me

Son, husband, dad, man, grandpa.  (i’ll eventually write about why “man” comes so late in that list)

“Engineer gone bad.”  (per my friend who watched me leave engineering behind for (adult) education.

<<Naman’ ny valovotaka.>>  (Malagasy for someone who while a foreigner, has been around awhile–in my case almost 20 years living (as in growing up then later working) in Madagascar. Long enough to 1) have a very humbling understanding of all that I don’t know and 2) at least some knowledge of all I’ll never know.

Resiliency, sorrows & joys that come from living with disabilities. (while at this point I know more about a couple disabilities than resiliency, I’m working on the latter.)

No longer young, but not too old.  (as in “Once I was young, but now I’m old” where the in-between part seems to have just disappeared, though thankfully at this point, into the lives of our kids)

wrigs n me  (a picture of me in Wrigs, our trusty, no longer young Schnoodle)

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