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November 20, 2019

Things are a bit better again. Adjustments in meds have made a positive difference both in terms of lessening the blues a bit and decreasing the anxiety. It’s not all gone, but both are better for which I’m very thankful. Volunteer work goes well at one site where there’s enough to keep me busy and not so much here at the other one where today I’m here blogging rather than helping as they haven’t given me anything to work on.

Not feeling quite so blue means I’m better able to shake off at least a bit of disappointment and discouragement while working to better see the sun when it does poke through on these so many cloudy days we’ve had this fall. It also means doing better at going with the flow as things move along. Realizing there’s so very little I actually control. That what I can do is work to respond to what happens to and around me. If life is whitewater, meaning we’re all flowing downstream, I don’t have to be in the middle of all that moving water. Best to leave that to those who thrive there and lend a hand to help those who don’t get closer to the bank.

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