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* what do Tiggers do best? (part III)

November 5, 2019

It’s been a year of looking with almost nothing to show for it other than a fairly high pile of resumes which didn’t attract enough attention to even result in an initial interview. Bummer! I don’t know what the problem is other than it’s hard to get a job by applying with resumes when you’re 62. On the other hand, given a few of my own realities, networking has become a very difficult thing for me to do.
So back to the Tigger thing. What does he do? He keeps on bouncing. Somewhat like the Energizer bunny. Bouncing when he’s happy, bouncing when he’s sad. Up and down, over and over. The key is to not stop. Because Tigger isn’t one without the bouncing.

Insofar as the bouncing keeps on bouncing, it’s driven by a different type of energy than just what’s on the outside. It needs to be something found on the inside. Something that keeps on going. So “keeps on going part,” where are you? I need you.

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