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* On my starting a blog…

July 28, 2015

It feels just a bit ironic for me to be starting a blog, as I’ve carefully limited most of my encounter with the written word since completing my dissertation now a long time ago (how can it possibly be 22 yrs?!) to reading and, in my teaching, editing other people’s writing. But maybe all of that time was my writing internship! At any rate, life is such that I feel like trying out this experience.

What will this blog read like? Well, in spite of all my formal education which is so carefully aimed at forcing one to specialize with an ever tighter focus, I remain eclectic. So get ready for the appearance of a lot of subjects [that blogs are good as a place for lots of subjects, I think (we’ll see) is actually one of the reasons working on a blog is of interest to me at this point in time].

So fasten your seat belts, as I’m thinking while this may be a bit of a bumpy ride, it hopefully won’t be boring!

to blog or not to blogCheers! Tom

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