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* on the possibility of rubbing shoulders with Donald Trump (or better yet, not)

August 3, 2015

so I have ended up with quite the mix of feeds on FaceBook. while I enjoy most of them most of the time, there are a subset determined to tell me

1) what to major in to make the most money–still isn’t of any interest to me,Donald-Trump

and b) how to make a LOT of money–I’ve pretty much conclusively demonstrated through the years that 2) that’s not one of my gifts and c) it aint happening no how no way and now the best ones,

and 3) what you need to do if you’re “only a millionaire” who just hasn’t figured out yet how to become a billionaire. only way even the “millionaire” part of that equation is happening is if we switch what you’ve got millions of from US$ to Malagasy francs (MGF), where it’s now over 15,000 MGF per dolla (i’m old enough to remember back in the late ’60s when it was about 200 MGF per US$). and really, a) doesn’t the world already have enough if not too many millionaires and billionaires?! and 2) why would I ever want to be a member of something where Trump is one of those you end up rubbing shoulders with?!

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