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* Dancing on the edge…

August 15, 2015

As life continues to move along, one of the things I’ve come to realize is there is both excitement and dangers which come when one is dancing on the edge of life. Think in terms of log rolling, something I’ll never do in reDancing-on-Glacier-Point-03al life, but I’ve had times when this is how life has felt. Work, for example, at times has felt like a matter of trying to keep the feet moving as fast as the log, which in turn, can actually speed up how fast the log is rolling (if you stumble, it may even change direction!). Eventually there’s a good chance you’re going to roll right off the log and into the water.

Or anothelog rollingr example is when we were busy raising our kids when they were much smaller. After awhile when we were out with them at some function for supper, generally my wife and/or I could actually sense our kids beginning to “dance towards the edge” in such a way that not getting them home and to bed and quickly generally meant we were going to have a major meltdown. Sometimes, if we weren’t proactive enough, we’d avoid having it wherever we had been, but then have it when we got home as everyone was getting ready for bed. All of which taught us to try and avoid this the next time out.

Nowadays my feet don’t move like they used to, so it’s not so much dancing which I do. More of a shuffling. Or at times just a bit of bending at the knees. And life has thrown some new things into my life which means I need to try to avoid too much “edge” time. Which actually I think is more how life should be. As I’ve learned some kinds of excitement are dramatically over-rated. And the dangers of some edges are quite great.

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