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* redefining the concept of lateness (as in, “not to worry!”)

December 16, 2015

One of the better stories I’ve heard regarding timeliness (or the lack running to catch the trainthereof) is about a missionary desperately trying to catch a train from somewhere to somewhere else in India. It hadn’t been a good day, as he’d been late getting going, then had not one, but two flat tires on his ride to the train station.

Finally, arriving at the train station, he was dismayed to see the train about to leave. Grabbing his bag, he took off at a run, hoping against hope he could still make it. However, while initially he gained on the train, as he continued to run it was clear the train was gaining speed while he was losing it. As he continued to run, the conductor came out on the back of the train and watched him slowly losing his race. But, then, with a big smile he yelled out, “Not to worry, sir! This is yesterday’s train!”

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