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February 8, 2016

As mentioned in a previous post, one of the things which was recommended to me which I’ve done in response to the depression I struggle with at times was attend 2 weeks (I found out on what I thought was my last day that it was a 3, not a 2 week treatment, but by then I’d planned other things, so I just did the 2 weeks) of what is known as “Partial” treatment. As in “Partial Hospitalization.” It’s an interesting name for it, as there’s actually no hospitalization. But rather it’s 6 hours per day of time spent in group, led by different experts in the field of mental health who provided a great deal of material (in my case anyway, too much) related to some of what those of us in the group were experiencing.

We weren’t all there for the same reasons, but there was quite a bit of overlap. Great folks all, young and older, working and not. Unfortunately very few people of color. All of us there as either we or someone else felt we could do better than we were doing and this might help. Even though it was 6 hours per day, with a break at lunch, the days went quickly. It was well worth the experience for me. Not that I can point to any dramatic changes, but overall it was part, a foundation if you will, of the learning I’ve been doing regarding this new state of affairs I’m facing.

Each day started with the sharing by each of us of an update as to how things were going, with time for the rest of the group to add words of encouragement. The day then was filled with lectures and group exercises on a wide variety of things related to mental health.

Do I feel the time I invested in doing this was worth it? Most definitely.

Was it tough work? Yep.

Do I recommend it? Yes, I do.

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