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* high & dry

April 7, 2019

I worked overseas in Madagascar for 10 years. It was an amazing experience of which I’ve written of some of my experiences on other blogs. Here I will use something which happened to one of my colleagues to think through some thoughts.

At the end of December each year our little groups of American Lutheran missionaries plus a few others would gather together for about a week. There were 2 ways for those of us living in the capital city to get down to the place where we met. One was a somewhat risky 3-day drive over roads that weren’t that anymore. Mud, sand, bridges under water were all part of that trip. Each way. The other way was to get on a 737 and fly for an hour. We took the latter but some of my colleagues drove each year.

One year on this trip a colleague was driving at a fairly good rate to get through some fairly significant mud when he ended up hitting a stretch where the mud in the middle of the road was clay and firm and the ruts were deeper than normal so by the time he stopped moving he was fairly far into a stretch which guaranteed he would be stuck awhile.

This is how I feel these days. I’ve worked hard during my career and have been able to do some good things in a variety of settings for several different organizations. But I’ve also been let go several times for different reasons even though I’ve done well for with those who hired me.

Plus I’m no longer young (61) and I’m guessing many view me as over-educated (PhD in Adult Education).

But I’m innovative (a lot), I enjoy working with people, I am very good at networking and since I’m eclectic and have done several different things for 10,000 hours or more (community, leadership & organizational development, evaluation, higher education), I have a variety of ways to be of service to an organization I work for.

But here I am, high and dry. I did indeed get 3 interviews several weeks ago. My assumption has always been if I can get to talking with people I can do well. This time not so much as none of the 3 turned into anything.

What to do? I have no idea.

  1. Sally Daniels Herron permalink

    Tom, I want you to know that I am really sorry that this job search is so challenging for you! I hope that something good happens soon, something that would be satisfying, interesting and even a little fun!

    • Sally, thanks! I have now found 2 different volunteer jobs to work on. As to a paying job. Not so much. At least the volunteer jobs are good ones, one with the Center for Victims of Torture and the other with 2nd Harvest.

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