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* stuck, part I

April 25, 2019

It happens. You’re cruising along, thinking things are going pretty well then all of a sudden–you’re stuck. As in no movement forward and backward’s not a possibility. And here you are. What next? What next is the whole getting unstuck part of things.

If you’re driving a car, SUV, etc. stuck means you’ve taken your vehicle to a place it’s not designed to make it through. Or it can make it through but not taking the route or speed or angle you chose.

In real life next is generally getting out of the car and assessing the situation. As in where are you stuck and what is it going to take to get you out of here? Can you do it on your own or are you going to need some help?

Then it’s working on the getting out part. If you can do it on your own or you have to because you don’t have a choice it’s possibly shoveling dirt to free up your tires so they’ll get proper traction again. Or digging down a mound that is blocking your path. If it’s more complicated than that, where you’re going to need some help it’s then seeing who’s available. If there’s no one around you may have to wait awhile.

One reality is sitting there and fretting about it isn’t going to help. Neither is getting back in the car and just spinning your wheels. In fact almost without exception that’s only going to make it worse. Sometimes you may not have a choice and will need to work on it yourself, slowly a process that is. But if you’re really stuck then getting some help will be useful.

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