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May 31, 2019

As I sit and reflect on life at this point one of the things that is working is this blogging that I continue to do. I can do it in small pieces, letting go of whether what I write is good enough as I can always go back and edit or even remove what I’ve posted. It allows me to venture out with thoughts without having figured out exactly where I’m going with them. It comes quite easily and I get positive feedback from it.

At a deeper level it allows me to surface things I’m thinking or at least partially have thought. To reflect in writing on some of what roams around in my head, as in reflections on this life of mine. Hopefully in so doing to get some of them nailed down better as in “been there, thought through at least some of that.” Or at least written down as far as I’ve thought through some things. With the opportunity to add if I so choose.

Are there any hints here in terms of what should come next? Ways the above can suggest for me next steps?

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  1. Sally Daniels Herron permalink

    Tom, although I have been reading (and really enjoyed doing so!) your blog, I’m not sure if I’ve read what kind of work you are open to? I know what you’ve done and I know you’ve been looking for a long time, but maybe you could write some about what you’d like to do? or even what you’re sure you don’t want to do? It might help those of us who care for you be on the look out?

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