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February 10, 2016

If Partial (see my previous post) is an intensive, but short-term form of treatment, Day functions as a longer lasting, but less intensive time. For me it lasted from somewhere around the end of September till just past New Years day, running from 9am till 12 noon. During which I transitioned from feeling almost too good to a pretty severe time of depression and then back up again. Insofar as my depressive episodes have tended to last longer than that, I give some of the credit to this shorter time to my time in “Day” as it tends to be called.

Like Partial, Day starts with a time of sharing by everyone who can make it that day. Then we had a time to do some planning for the upcoming week. Nothing major, but rather things like getting housework done, groceries purchased, clothes washed, etc. This was also a time for the Registered Nurse who led it to check in with us on our medications (were we faithfully taking them? if not, then for what reasons? etc.). And while the schedule varied a bit, we often had a session of Occupational Therapy in the mix as well. This I had the hardest time adjusting to, but eventually did find the painting of ceramic animals and flower vases to be quite therapeutic.

Those present varied over time, with anxiety and depression being common challenges. A very special group of folks who shared in common challenges they hadn’t planned on.

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