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February 11, 2016

A part of therapy I’ve found helpful, given how much I appreciate being and working with small groups of people (hey, I’m an introvert!), is what’s known as “Group.” It’s a time for a small group of people (generally in my experience less than 10) to come together and, with expert guidance by a mental health professional, share with each other what life has presented. During things like “Partial” and “Day” (see my previous posts) this is daily. But I’ve also done it on a weekly basis as well.

What makes group so meaningful for me? Part of it is having a place where I can share freely of things going on in my world with people I know something about. With folks going through similar sorts of things. Who understand my journey, potentially better than I do. Part of it is the encouragement from the leaders and then for anyone to share encouraging words (something I enjoy receiving and in turn giving). While monitoring what’s going on so as to keep things on subject and track.

So thanks to you, fellow group-mates as well as leaders! It’s not always been easy our times together, but it has been helpful for me anyway.

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