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February 16, 2016

Another very part of my support crew are my docs. Two of them. One my long-Lucy Therapistsuffering therapist (9 years and counting) who has earned his doctorate, the other the psychiatrist he partners with who has been working with me equally as long. Together, with weekly meetings with my therapist and time with my psychiatrist as needed, we have made a great deal of progress over the past 9 years. But it’s been slow. With setbacks. I sometimes describe those of us on meds as “walking chemistry experiments” given that finding one’s right combination of medications these days is as much art as science. Actually it becomes a very complex combination of both. Thankfully, in my case, as led by a skilled psychiatrist who has patiently worked with me.

In retrospect, several lessons learned. One is that research shows the combination of therapy and medication is better than just one or the other. This has been the case for me. Two is it is absolutely necessary for me to take my meds as prescribed absolutely medsfaithfully. Even missing a day causes some troubles. Three is things progress better if one works closely with one’s psychiatrist, rather than trying to tough it out. Four, progress is possible. I am currently in remission, something I despaired of ever attaining just 18 months ago. Five, given all the above, patience is needed as depression is not something you necessarily will get over.

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