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February 17, 2016

As I moved from denial to acceptance about my depression, one of the things that entered the mix was medications. While some day a blood and/or genetic test may quickly tell the doctor what is needed and in what dose(s), that is not our current world. Rather, it’s a trial and works vs. not so much working process conducted by a skilled psychiatrist. A sort of walking chemistry experiment if you will. In my own case this has been a 9 year process (so far) that finally brought me to a state of what I think can be called remission. For awhile.

Is it really necessary? My state of being when my meds are working is almost magically better than it’s been when they’re not. So yes, in my case, it isn’t only necessary, it’s a real blessing. Now sadly, this isn’t the case for everyone. So, when they’re working as they should and can, I can consider myself among the fortunate ones.

As I strive to take my meds every day as prescribed.

[3/19/16 follow-up]  Hopefully just coming out of a dip in the road. Not enough to be called a relapse, but not much fun either. Seen my psychiatrist who adjusted my meds so hopefully that’s what it takes. Bummer things remission land didn’t last longer, but maybe this time?!

As I strive to take my meds every day as prescribed.

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