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* What do Tiggers do best? (part I)

August 11, 2018

Back again to a place I’ve spent way too much time in if you ask me. As in not much clarity about what is happening in at least some parts of my life and even less regarding what it means moving forward?

Some time back–several transitions ago, for reasons I don’t remember–I spent some time pondering the implications of the story, “What do Tiggers do best?” Here’s my revised version of this story:

Poor Tigger, asking himself “What do Tiggers do best?” he bounces to his various friends to see if he is good at doing and/or wants to do what they do? The reality for Tigger is what his friends are doing is not what Tigger should be doing. Either because he just isn’t very good and/or interested in what they’re doing and/or because he wants to do it differently. Eventually, Tigger bounces his way up to the top of a tree, saying that this is what he does best….until he looks down. And then “Oh, my!” as he is appalled and totally freaked out to see how high he is above the ground! So after getting down and bouncing in celebration he understands what Tiggers really do best–they bounce!

So bouncing again it is in my own world. I think I understand what I’m (not) hearing correctly but it’s not being said at all directly and what I am being told is quite confusing. But yesterday I bought a Tigger for my desk to help remind me of my many successful bouncing experiences and indeed abilities! Time to again see how well I bounce!

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