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* As the “burdens” of taxation are lifted we need to work harder on holding our society together

October 6, 2018

As someone who has a front seat on a range of our nation’s education and social service systems, public and otherwise, one thing which shouldn’t get lost in all that’s going on is, as the “burdens” of taxation are lifted, especially for those with more and even more so for those with a great deal more, we need to work on holding our society together. While

mpls tent cityso many have the capability to buy more and more (those who didn’t crash back in about 2010), our public schools are relying on donations and volunteers to do things which used to be funded. Things as basic as repainting classroom walls, providing tutors to students needing extra help, etc.

In terms of social services, private donations now send food home with kids on the weekends in school backpacks so they have something to eat before they come back on Monday (see Sheridan Story video clip below or…/…/volunteer-for-sheridan-story/), a growing proportion of our homeless are working one, two or even three jobs without earning enough to have a place of their own, a growing number of our seniors have become reliant on food shelves and other types of assistance and the list goes on.

How can we respond to the above? One approach is to just argue and live as you have what you’ve earned. If you make more money then it’s your right to buy more stuff. If you don’t have much or even enough then that’s your fault. That’s how much of the 3rd World Works. Poverty goes from bad to obscene while the wealthy drive very expensive sports cars and live in “guarded” communities with high walls, barbed wire, guards and dogs. It’s ugly.

Surely we can do better my friends!

And if you think not, then go spend some time living in a 3rd World Country (in a house not in a “guarded” community for at least 6 months, not a fancy hotel for a couple of nights). You’ll see what I mean.

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