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* On this little thing called “feeling (de)valued” – part 2

January 8, 2019

So you’ve been clearly shown you are not valued and have been told you’re not wanted anymore. What comes next?
It’s not a whole lot of laughs as out the door you go. Having worked hard to take away your sense of value, this also instantly takes away:

  • a sense of value (this is ongoing) as you realize you weren’t viewed as useful enough to be kept around anymore.
  • what for me is an important network of friends as in coworkers. Friendships don’t necessarily end but most of them fade away, some of them amazingly fast. As in were they ever there? Assurances that we’ll get together don’t actually happen. Most don’t send a message. Most of those who do quickly stop sending them.
  • another network of professional contacts as your email account is zapped.
  • a place to go to each day with things to do.
  • in a society where so much expectation is placed on having someplace to work and so much shame placed on not working, a growing sense of shame as the time between jobs grows longer.
  • This feeling grows as sincere efforts to explain how you could be of value to various organizations are met with at best polite indications of how skilled the applicants were who applied to this job.

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