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* On this little thing called “feeling (de)valued” – part 3

January 15, 2019

So fresh out of having been “devalued” out of your last organization plus the other disheartening things listed in part 2 of this series, then you get to the joyous (NOT!) setting of working to figure out what comes next? This also is not fun as for many of us mere mortals, the world doesn’t just line up at your door to ask you to work for them. So resumes go out (which is fine) but requests for interviews don’t then come back (which is not). Instead, you wait to hear or when you do it’s a “thank you, but no.” None of this is helped by the reality that while you would like an answer to your resume tomorrow, the process used by many organizations may mean it’s up to a month or even more given how slowly their wheels turn on this process. So what feels like an increasingly giant devaluation process continues. Sort of like waves working on a sand castle.

Where “sand castle” is a good word as one shouldn’t say “I’m unemployed,” but instead something like “I’m living with a downturn in employment at present.” Your employment isn’t hopefully your entire life but instead just a part of it. Just as you were part of one sand castle, now you need to be looking for the next one that comes into focus.

But the above is ever so much easier to write than to live!

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