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* On writing

January 31, 2019

I am beginning to do something I haven’t done much so far in my life–writing. It was part of high school and then my first two years of college but then I started engineering and for the next 4 years not so much. However, when I went back to school the last time it became most of what I did for the next 4 years (that and reading and a whole lot of thinking as well).

By far the biggest writing I’ve done thus far in my life was my dissertation which was an enormous amount of work. While I can’t argue what I did was stupendous, it was good enough for me to earn my PhD. And I do think represented my best work possible at that time.

Now these days my writing is mostly of resumes. Lots of them again. Approaching 30 or so? Each a lot of work as I seek to customize each one and the accompanying cover letter for the job I’m for which I’m applying. Each a work of hope and faith that one of them will yield what I am looking for which is a new place to work. The need is to keep in mind that this will happen. Even if the reality is thus far it’s only been “no’s.” Even if the reality is days feel like weeks on this end of the process.

And so the writing continues. Where will it get me? That’s still to be seen.

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