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* What do Tiggers do best? (part II)

January 31, 2019

Hard to believe my first post about this was back in August! But I did sense what was coming correctly. At the end of October my 2+ years at NAMI came to an end. Very disappointing as I worked hard for them, did some very good work and had a lot of people both within NAMI and with the communities I was working with who supported me in what I was doing and were frustrated that my time with them had come to an end. None of which was acknowledged by the powers that be when all was said and done. But it’s done which I’m thankful for as it had gotten to be a lousy place for me to be in terms of how I was being treated. Which is what my family kept telling me. Along with, “Just leave.” Which I didn’t do.

What do Tiggers do best? Bounce. So here I am bouncing. As I wait for what comes next. What I need to find is Tigger’s self-assurance. And the smile!

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