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February 11, 2019

I am searching for more work again. I’ve done it before. I’ll do it again. I teach part-time for Augsburg University so I’m open to anything from full- to part-time.

There are some searches I enjoy. Things like Easter candy. Or for or with my granddaughters. Or my wife when I was waiting for her in Paris when she flew in from the States.

There are other searches I don’t enjoy. Like looking for a new job. Which I am in the middle of right now. I’ve done this before so should be fairly good at it. And I think I am as far as researching what’s out there and getting resumes revised and sent out. In terms of networking, not so much. Which is problematic. So I’m working on getting better at that part of it all. But the overall process just isn’t much fun. Lots and lots of applications out at present with so far nothing but either silence or rejections in return. After a while, which is hard to determine, silences turn into “no’s.” Overall I don’t find this process to be a big confidence builder. And quite a bit of work with not much in return.

Of course, I am now 61, earned a Ph.D. a while back and am eclectic so have done a variety of things instead of just specializing in one so each of those things has implications. On the other hand, I have lots of experience, am well educated and experienced in a field which is quite broad (Adult Education) and have done a variety of things so can apply for work in a variety of areas. So we’ll see.

Instead of the below list for me it is: What are the possiblities? Resume an honest explanation of how my experience relates to this? Eventually an interview to something. And finally, can I afford not to say yes?

Of course, something will connect eventually but waiting is not something I enjoy till it does.

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