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* What do Tiggers do best? (part III) Or Bouncing 101.

February 13, 2019

What do balls do when they bounce? Depending on the ball, it may end up bouncing almost as high as the distance from which it was dropped. But not all the way. And with each bounce it ends up coming back up just a little less. If a superball this can take a while. If a flat basketball it’s just one and done.

Well for one thing, it’s Tigger we’re talking about, not balls. Tigger keeps bouncing because he keeps working at doing this. It’s not a passive thing. If I remember the stories right it isn’t something he does totally on his own. Rather he gets down, too. And then he goes to his peeps for a recharge.

Pondering this a bit for what can be learned from it–what can we learn?

A recharge is what I need at this point. OK, peeps. Where are you?

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