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* 2 Truths & a Lie (sort of)

February 15, 2019
head coach Vince Lombardi voices his opinion about a play from the sidelines (AP Photo)

We were asked to play 2T&aL last night. I realized I could play this game without the lie part as I’ve done some interesting things in my life:

  • been yelled at by Vince Lombardi
  • harnessed beetles the size of Matchbook trucks to little carts made by a match box with button wheels
  • went body surfing one day with a shark who popped out of the water within 30 feet of my brother and I
DJIBOUTI – JUNE 01: Foreign legion in Djibouti (Getty Images)
  • been face-to-knee (I was little then) with the Foreign Legion at that point responsible for security at Djibouti airport
  • flushed an entire suite of urinals in a Swiss airport much to the anger of the rather large bathroom attendant who chased us down the hall
  • used to go to a restaurant where if you ordered Steak & Fries they threw in lobster as a free hor d’oeuvres
  • became disabled when in my mid-50s I developed a mental illness accompanied by my CMT’s (a form of neuropathy) progression
  • taken trips to western Idaho, rural Wyoming & Kentucky, Duluth, Chicago and Queens New York City with a van load (or two) of high school kids
  • visited a church the size of a 3-story farmhouse that had been carved out of solid rock. The church had indoor worship space, pews, altar and even a balcony. All from solid rock
  • as a 1st grader caught a squirrel by the tail, having a tug of war with it as I sought to pull it towards me and it tried to get away
  • as a Middle Schooler challenged a very smart High Schooler to a reading race. Using a TIME magazine article, I matched him in speed but at least according to him, came up short in comprehension
  • decided to read the unabridged version of Tom Sawyer in 3rd grade and then couldn’t figure out why it was taking me so long to finish it
  • as a 9th grader who hadn’t ridden a bike all year, set out on a 1,000 km trip the day after buying a bike
  1. Sally Daniels Herron permalink

    Tom, this is a great piece today…thank you! The truth I always tell that people always think is a lie…I once threw a rock at our neighborhood boy (I was in 1st grade) because he was making fun of my little brother. I hit him right in the middle of his forehead and he ended up in the hospital getting many stitches (there was of course an apology and a purchase of an “I’m sorry” gift from my allowance that followed!). To this day I wonder what happened to Ricky McNeely!

    • Sally, Just found this. I have a really hard time believing this except for you protecting your little brother. I flipped a shoe up at a friend once and gave him a cut needing stiches on his face. Knocked him down when the shoe hit him (we were 2nd graders) and then all that blood I thought I’d killed him! We remained close friends. Go figure!

      • Sally Daniels Herron permalink

        I’m glad you remained friends with your “victim”! Like I said, after all these years and many moves, I have no idea where Ricky might be OR if I would want to reconnect. After all, he was a “meany”! Thank you again for your writings, Tom!

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