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* falling rain

March 14, 2019

I grew up in a land where the rain fell 12 months per year as we lived on the edge of rain forest and as southeastern Madagascar sees no snow. While it fell in all types what I remember is the rain that came down so hard it felt like it was trying to punch a hole in the tin roofs houses had. Just a mid-level roar with, in the background, the sound of water drumming on the roofs. It literally bounced up off the ground, gathered together and then rushed downhill. Separate a waterfall into individual drops and that’s what you had!

Now here I sit in the land of Minnesota where we can see snow anytime between October and April, where until the rain we’ve had the last several days we had about 3 feet of snow here on the ground. And as I work on my laptop I watch a video of rain falling outside of an open window in a green tropical land on my TV (courtesy of a Filipino channel), pretending I am somewhere warmer! I guess it’s an adult version of “Let’s Pretend.” Now if I just quite so cold!

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