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* applying, then waiting for what comes next

March 15, 2019
pretty much a picture of me if you add 40 years, subtract most of the hair on top, add quite a few pounds and make the beard grey

Just spent several hours this morning applying for another job. The frequency of my sending these job apps out has gone down as the number of “no’s” or no responses has grown. I’m eclectic and feel I could do quite a few different jobs as I already have. But what appears to be happening (actually who knows?) is as someone who is eclectic, I come down on the elusive “bubble” of “maybe’s” that doesn’t crack into the level where one is offered an interview–if I can talk to hiring folks, that will definitely help me. (Being over 60 certainly isn’t helping me.)

Networking is what’s recommended by everyone, but that’s not easy, either. So far only 1 of 10 people I’ve asked to network with has responded to me and our meeting is still 3 weeks out. Hopefully several more of the 7 I reached out to more recently who haven’t responded yet still will. As for the first 2 I contacted, I’ve put them into the “no” bucket.

So lots of “No’s”–a “Yes” or two to at least an interview would be nice right about now.

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  1. Sally Daniels Herron permalink

    Tom, I am sure sorry this is such a tough time for you professionally! It must be particularly hard to keep trying and trying and trying with no good results. I will be prayerful and hopeful for you!

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