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March 24, 2019
No light at the end of this tunnel yet, but fortunately there are still some lights on within it.

Just came across another part of my little world that has somehow dramatically changed without my being personally informed about it. First, the not being personally informed part is disappointing as while I’ve only been part-time, I’ve been part of this outfit for 13 years, doing what they’ve asked me to do when I’ve been asked to do it, knowing full well part-time was not going to lead to anything other than this. So a bit of a personal heads-up would have been nice.

There are several unexpected and disappointing endings happening at present without yet any clarity about what the new beginnings will be, when they will be and quite a few other questions as well. If I was wealthy and ready to retire to play golf that’s what I could do. But the answers to the above are “no,” “no” and “no.” So what to do?

Asking “why me?!” is tempting but that’s not going to get me anywhere helpful. The key indeed is getting to a better spot.

And the question is what to do?

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