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April 2, 2019

It is enough to give you whiplash. One moment you’re working your tail off, trying to stay in front of all there is to do and then suddenly you’re not. As when you’re laid off, the work doesn’t come with you. Nor does your work email address nor your ability to talk, even if briefly, every day with colleagues. Suddenly you’re on your own each day. Sending resumes out, making an argument over and over and over again of your value. In my case, as I eclectic and have done a variety of things, in the areas of evaluation and planning and higher education. But for many of these resumes, it’s like you’re sitting in an echoless chamber. The resumes go out like satellites sent out with no feedback coming from them. Which means if you wait long enough (a month maybe?), you won’t be getting an answer. As someone else was deemed more valuable, a better fit.

Maybe if one received responses other than “Thank you very much but…”, even an interview now and again, it would be easier? I don’t know as while I do get the “Thank you…” emails the interviews, not so much. Which means no matter how nicely phrased the email is, you really weren’t very close to the selection process.

So how does one interpret the above? First, for whatever reasons, you aren’t viewed as all that valuable in this world of ours. Why? It may be your inability to communicate effectively enough on a couple pieces of paper. Or you just aren’t a good fit. Maybe at 61 I’m now viewed as too old? And/or too “educated” with a PhD? Or too eclectic, not focused enough? Or too many different jobs with uncertain endings? You see who knows as some organizations won’t even tell you they’ve chosen someone else for fear you may hold them liable for something. As in they certainly aren’t going to give you answers to the above questions.

So it’s a mystery. And a mysterious one at that!

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