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April 2, 2019

I’ve had a few! Hurray! Just 3 short phone interviews thus far but evidence that I am actually sending out resumes to people who are looking at them. (When I get too many “no’s” in a row I begin to wonder.) So far just 3 with no follow-ups requested yet. And there may not be any.

Yet another set of unknowns in this journey that I really don’t so much enjoy. “Too many questions” like from the film “Sneakers.” So I’m working to fill up my days with things to do. Still sending out some resumes but much more selective about it. Trying to intersperse some writing as I feel like it which has died down from the intensity I had for awhile. (Will that come back? I don’t know.)

There’s something missing in this process. There shouldn’t be such a drastic shift from busy working to nothing. There’s so many places that could make use of folks even for a short time me thinks. Matching projects to those “in the gap.” Something to do?

[unfortunately none of these interviews went any further–disappointing much]

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