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* Sunday mornings in Manitowoc

April 7, 2019

All in all a very nice day!

Happy Sunday morning

It’s Sunday morning. The sun is out, the birds are chirping and, since we finally have had some rain, the brown everywhere is starting to change to green (OK, just a few blades of grass thus far).

Sunday mornings have always been a special day for me. As a little boy living in Manitowoc, WI not just waking up, but waking up and getting dressed in “nice” clothes–which I’ll claim now, anyway, I enjoyed doing. Then waiting for Sunday School. We could walk to church so that’s what we did quite often.

I enjoyed Sunday School, fascinated with the technology demonstrated by flannel graph. And then to church with the family all seated in a row together. Our church in Manitowoc had kneelers, so that was of interest as well. They were nice and soft so it never felt like we used them enough.

Then it was home to a nice meal mom somehow always cooked while she was at church–how did she do that?! And then an afternoon of fun followed by the wonderful world of Disney on TV that evening.

So as I reflect on it all at this point in life, some 50+ years later, it was a day which began with Sunday School and worship which was also a very special family day. A great combination!

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