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May 4, 2019

It’s sunny out today. So much nicer than the alternative. Things are so much brighter and warm. And it’s very early much early spring now so everything but our dead trees in the back are getting green so fast you can almost see and hear them growing.

I’m not a fan of grey days. Too many of them in a row gets me down. Sometimes it’s grayness that either leads to or is part of rain or snow. That’s better. But other times it’s just grayness. That’s not. Colors fade and if it’s not summer, the temperature becomes much cooler or even downright cold.

I grew up out in the sun. 12 months a year as we lived in Madagascar where “cold” was weather in the 60s (F) which didn’t happen very often. It was time spent outside on the beach, playing basketball or volleyball on outside courts, riding bike, etc. Being in our “boxes” was reserved for school and sleeping. Gray days and rain, while frequent, was almost always warm.

And so I guess it makes sense that I view sunshine as the sign of life, the invitation, almost mandate, to be outdoors, to celebrate all of God’s incredible creation, to live.

And yet, as much as I still like sunshine, need it really, I now spend my days inside in the “boxes” I live and work in. Doesn’t make much sense and so I do need to do a better job of getting outside.

Out of my boxes, back into the sun. As in the days of my youth.

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