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* greenifying

May 5, 2019
Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

It’s greenifying outside. The time of year when somehow, this nature of ours, exposed to months of cold and snow, somehow comes roaring back into a much more visible form of green life. Right now things are growing so fast you can almost see and hear them doing it.

How do they do this greenifying? How do they somehow hold onto it inside while the temperature plummets and absolutely freezes most things left outside? In our case for months on end? So that when the snow melts and rain falls and the sun begins to work again everything knows how to come out green at once, like a giant competition? With flowers on top of it all like icing on a cake? Magical!

And the birds and butterflies who fly north–how can they even traverse these incredible distances? The birds to bless us with their songs again as they flutter about the greenifying that is happening.

There are parts of living in Minnesota I don’t enjoy. But the greenifying? What a blessing this is!

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