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* bi-polar

May 27, 2019

I have written earlier about depression as that is something my psychiatrist assumed I was living with initially. It has its own realities in terms of how it shows itself, meds to use, etc. But some of those initially diagnosed as depressed are actually living with something a bit more complicated which is bi-polar. As in getting into “highs” that can be up to manic, requiring hospitalization, for those living with bp1 and hypomanic (lower level that doesn’t require hospitalization) for those of us with bp2.

The challenge with living with bp is that it is a mental illness. Like depression, it’s not something a person can just “control” as in make go away and never come back. For many but not all of those living with this a combination of medications and therapy can help a lot. Some living with this are still able to work, but many are not. But one of the tough things about it is it’s an illness that doesn’t go away. Once there one will have it for the rest of one’s life. That’s tough. Because it isn’t so much fun to have to live with. Meds help, but they are strong so there are side effects as well. Sort of a “what in this is me and what’s the meds?” kind of thing.

Therapy helps a great deal as it’s a lot to have to live with. In being able to talk through your thinking with a wise, kind person you can verify where you’re doing fine and where your system needs a bit of a tune-up. When things go hypomanic, to be coached on the executive function that becomes problematic. When depressed, on dealing with this as well.

And then there’s the impact on my spouse and children, God bless them every one! They are part of the journey as well, whether they want to be or not. And not just along for the ride but having to live with it as well in their own ways.

So I don’t know where you came from back about 15 years ago or so, but I’d be just fine if you decided to go back there oh bp of mine.

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