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May 28, 2019

Just spent a couple days proving I’m now officially living with olderness. As in somehow the ground has gotten further away, things that were close are now further away, tasks that were easy are now not so much, and legs that used to move without thought? Not really. When did this happen?!

I’m going to call it living with olderness. At 61 I’m not actually all that old in this world of folks working well into their 70s. And with 3 little grand daughters I don’t want to be that old at least while with them. But doing some yard work these past several days has clearly indicated there are changes which have happened. I’ll hang onto the hope that I am getting wiser as I clearly am not getting any younger!

So I think part of living with olderness is that exercise has become increasingly a necessity as that’s part of the challenge–my tendency has been to slow down as olderness has progressed when I need to actually move a bit more (we’ll leaving speeding up alone for now anyway).

So it’s not so much “olderness, here I come” as “olderness, here I am!”

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